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A newborn’s stomach is very small at birth. Nature intended it to stretch out and enlarge gradually as mother’s milk increases in volume throughout the first week.
This is why large volumes given early on can cause baby to spit milk back up, give him a stomachache, or cause him to sleep unnaturally long and not nurse often enough to stimulate mothers’ production well.
Also, babies who are routinely given larger amounts of milk at a feeding(via bottle) than nature intended may stretch out their
stomachs too far and then think they need more than they really do, making mother feel like she must not be producing enough.

            • Show the approximate size of a normal newborn baby's stomach the first few days
              and weeks of life.
            • Help parents of newborns visualize how little milk baby actually needs per feeding
              and why babies need to eat often.
            • Teach formula feeding mothers appropriate amounts to feed by bottle.
            • Reassure pumping mothers that they are making enough milk.

Breastmilk is a Gift!